Ukraine: Canadian Writer, Yves Engler interrupts Foreign Minister, Says NATO want to Cause WW3 (Video)

It’s been twenty-seven (27) days now since Russia started its military operations in Ukraine. So far, no ceasefire has been negotiated as President of both countries continue to talk tough.

But, while the two honchos continue to dwell it out with their rhetorics and counter replies, a serious humanitarian crisis has engulfed the region, forcing millions of people to flee their home for fear of getting in the cross fires.

Apparently, while the rest of the world continue to sue for peace, Canada like their NATO allies seems to be fueling the conflict and stoking the total destruction of Ukraine with arms supplies according to Canadian Writer, Yves Engler. According to the writer, NATO is fighting a proxy war against Russia through Ukraine and doesn’t care what happens to the ordinary Ukrainian.

During what looked like a banquet, the Canadian Foreign Minister was interrupted by Canadian writer, Yves Engler who verbally accused his countrymen of fueling the Russian- Ukraine crisis instead of seeking peace. Obviously angry at the plight of the common Ukrainian citizen, the outspoken writer queried repeatedly –

“Why didn’t you push Kyiv to sign the Minsk agreements? Stop the escalation! Stop supplying weapons! No NATO!”

This comes few days after US President and Chinese leader had a little tete-a-ate on the ongoing crisis and the way forward. However, excerpts from the story so far reveals that Washington is more interested in knowing who China will support rather than ending the conflict amidst global surge in oil prices. China has said it will be part of the solution in Ukraine and nothing more, stressing that Russia ‘s legitimate security concerns be addressed accordingly.

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