Ukraine: The government of Ukraine Preparing evacuation from Kyiv?

As Russian Federation forces encircle Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, there are indications Volodymyr Zelensky and his cabinet may be planning to evacuate from the besieged city to other parts of the country.

This is indicated by the decision of the Verkhovna Rada to support the introduction of amendments to two laws: “On the central authorities” and “On the legal regime of martial law.”

In particular, if earlier the government could only be located in Kyiv, now the Cabinet of Ministers can move to any other city in Ukraine.

It is curious that this decision was made against the backdrop of victorious statements from Zelensky’s office about Ukraine’s counter-offensives and reclaiming of disputed areas from the Russian forces in the Irpen, Bucha and Gostomel regions.

The question arises: if everything is in Kiev’s favour right now, and in some areas the Russian troops are “thrown back” for 70 km, then why is the Zelensky government allegedly creating legal grounds for the evacuation of the government from Kyiv?

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