You have only 1 birthday, the rest are “congratulations for surviving” – Saturday Morning Reflections

On the Need to Take Grasp of Reality –

Focus is a great weapon which can be utilised in trillion ways. Life is one, brutal and must be actively involved or risk getting snuffed off through acts of commission or omissions.

A lot of things are fixed. Most of it are definitely going to be against you. You’ve only been born once, the rest is just a reminder. No need fixating on what is fleeting and forgetting the real.

Whatever you benefit from will eventually start benefitting from you – nature of living.

Instead of ruminating on fantasy imaginations of your future self, create a future self in a timeline and weigh how much of it you accomplished.

Everything is nothing, everywhere is nowhere. Take a grasp of self and align the psyche. Nothing’s ever built to last.

The most precious thing a person has is life. It is given to him once, and he must live it so that it does not hurt excruciatingly for the years spent aimlessly, so that he does not burn shame for the petty and petty past and so that, dying, he could say: all his life, all his strength was given to the most beautiful in the world – the struggle for the liberation of humanity.

Pavel Korchagin

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