The truth has no Defense against a fool determined to believe a lie

A fixed object can only fall when a bigger pressure it couldn’t withstand hits it. Unrooting what’s been fixed requires serious efforts, especially if it has to do with the actions of the mind.

All the decisions taken every seconds of the day eventually turns into habits. This means they will always interpret results and events through the telescope of their preconceived notions about things. A lot of people find it hard to overcome their personal bias.

For someone determined to believe a lie, the thoughts get clogged in a linear progression with no known source of simultaneous diversifications to jolt the mind back to objectivity.

The habitual routines will soon manifest in the person’s character, and because the individual wasn’t even aware how their habitual routines formed their ideologies, there is always conflicts and inability to adequately weigh options objectively.

The truth has no defense against a fool determined to believe a lie because a bigger pressure to offload the neural block hasn’t been applied yet most of the time. But, a reality shattering event seems to reset and filter out the prejudice regardless.

This will eventually force the individual to face the truth of it in all circumstances and to be amenable.

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