Putin mocks Biden, Boris, Australia PM, Trudeau as oil & gas price soars (video)

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin did an unreserved televised interviews where he addressed the leaders of the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, etc.

He started by saying that they know the leaders from this countries are spreading ideas that he has gone “crazy” and “unbalanced”.

He went ahead to state that British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson locked down UK but went partying with his “crazy friends”, asking who is the crazy person between him and Boris?

He went further –
“You have another nut case who wants to send young people to prison for smoking a cigarette. Australians should be wary of what this crazy NZ woman will do next.

“Now keep in mind, I am called a dictator by Western leaders with an imperialist ideology. Now take a look at the Canadian Prime Minister and consider this – this man froze the bank account of protesters who didn’t agree with him.” He said of the Canadian Prime Minister.

“You should be more scared of this guy than worrying about me attacking your country.” He added, referring to Joe Biden, USA President. Continuing in his expletives, the Russian President said –

Don’t just take my word for it. Here is the leader of a superpower calling for his mamma”. He mocked as the video panned to US President, Joe Biden calling for his mum on stage.

Putin went further to tell his viewers that –

“Specifically, the way your government has raised the price of petrol is an economic scam. Here, we only pay 58cents per litre. So, you should ask your government, who is making money… out of this scam? It’s a simple question. Why not ask?

“Is it because of Russia? No! It’s because the globalists put sanctions on Russian oil and that raised the price of your petrol. But they just want to pass the blame off on someone else, basically to fool you” he concluded.

Adding to his earlier speech, he stated that –

“At this time, I like to talk about the most incredibly sinister leader, the totally creepy Australian Prime Minister. Surely, you must remember while Australia was being devastated by bushfires, he just didn’t care, he went for vacation.

“He was in Hawaii drinking Crème de menthe and dancing with the girls. Which of us is crazy? Me or your leaders?

We understand you have been told that we have an imperialist ideology. Now, I want you to understand something very serious that this man, this crazy geriatric lunatic gave this man… nuclear submarines and he doesn’t even know his name” Putin revealed, pointing out that Joe Biden literally handed an official a nuclear warhead and can’t recall the name.

Does that make you feel safe? I don’t think so.” He ended, asking US citizens if they feel safe knowing that’s the type of President they have.

Here are some of the reactions to the speech –

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