Nigeria and 81 other countries abstain and vote against UN resolution suspending Russia from HRC

The United Nations has suspended Russia from it’s Human Rights Council over accusations of abuse in its “military intervention” Ukraine. The suspension comes after two previous resolutions by the global body condemning Russia’s operations on Ukraine.

The US pushed suspension comes amidst hostilities between NATO and Russian, with nation’s be forced to take sides in the conflict through votes.

From the total votes counted, 93 countries voted to suspend Russia from the body, 24 nation’s voted against it while 58 others abstained from the votes. Among the countries that abstained include Nigeria, Niger Republic, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil, etc. Some countries that voted against the resolution include China, Algeria, Mali, Belarus, Ethiopia, Bolivia, etc.

Back in June 2018, during the presidency of Donald Trump, the US resigned from the Human Rights Council itself, denouncing many of its members as “authoritarian governments” with “abhorrent human rights records.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at the time that Washington “will not take lectures from hypocritical bodies and institutions, as America… selflessly gives its blood and treasure to help the defenceless.”

Joe Biden’s administration returned the USA to the UN body in October 2021.

The suspension has also raised serious questions globally, with netizens wondering why no independent check were made of the allegations against Russia before the rush to suspend them from the council.

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