Why do I, as a Christian, feel bullied by atheists? See 5 Reasons why

Affinity to an ideological group creates familial bonds that runs quite deep in a participants psyche. Of all groups in the world, religious groups seem to top the list, especially with the shared cultures, celebrations and communion that comes with such fellowship and builds up strong rapport in the long run.

Christian expansionist agendas through the years has ensured this brotherhood has a global adherence, with an alleged estimated population of about two (2) billion faithfuls following the observance of its dictates.

Regardless, there is a certain aura of entitlement that has been allowed to permeate the society by virtue of same Christian faith alignment. This is mostly observable in how most  Christians treat other people who don’t believe what they do, share same faith or who are completely atheist or indifferent to christian religious practices and beliefs.

Here are five (5) reasons why you may receive a shock therapy online or anywhere else at the hands of an atheist as a result of your faith –

1. Not Used to Beliefs Questioned

Most Christians come from homes and societies where everyone they know is likely a person of same faith. This enforces whatever religious ideologies that perverse the place and they subconsciously assimilate into it without realising same.

When Mr. A quote a passage of the Bible they haven’t read or says things contrary to what has been reinforced in their minds over time through sermons or Bible interpretation, they will either think Mr. A is up to mischief or want to mislead them. They are so absorbed in their religious repeated mantras that they will likely term Mr. A an agent of the Devil, a witch, heretic, unbeliever, idol worshipper, etc.

If Mr. A says he/she don’t believe in the ‘devil’, the highly religious Christian will think Mr. A is lost and may genuinely feel pity for Mr. A, praying for a potential return to the fold.

The reason why a Christian may behave this way is when they have closed off all avenues of upgrading their knowledge of the world except it’s as told through the eyes of their religious texts and mouths of their clergies.

2. Christian Religious Entitlement

Not being the only “truth” bearer anymore may be part of the reasons.
For centuries, christians have been able to persecute and torture anyone who did not believe in God as preached by the Bible or simply use their unbelief as political leanings to disenfranchise them of so many things legally.

Christian history is filled with stories of war, conquest, bloodletting and protestations. As it stands, leaving in a multipolar religious environment breeds different ideologies and religious existential threats.

3. Fact Based Criticisms

Being religious ultimately means facts be damned. When confronted with facts, even from the Bible, a Christian may find it hard to refute it because they don’t know what else they can answer in the moment apart from quoting more Bible verses.

This is mostly because they rarely read the Bible. When they actually do, they read it for requotes or to show in certain gatherings that they know the Bible. But, how well does the Christian really know about what they’re talking about?

You can expose the weakness of a statement with far superior argument.
This is mostly exposed by someone who doesn’t align in same faith with the Christian, and therefore obviously sees things differently.

Most Christians rely on the Bible to make claim for the existence of their God, but an atheist will mostly side with science or recluse from answering questions about things they don’t know yet.

But, a Christian will easily forget simple facts like the Bible was translated by ordinary people from languages the translators barely knew nothing about. They will also forget that it was a council (made up of ordinary people regardless of the individual titles) that sat and decided which books should be in the Bible and which one shouldn’t. No God, just humans.

4. Evolution is a Fact

It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not. Just like it doesn’t matter if you believe in the sun or not. Evolution has nothing to do with beliefs regardless.

The idea that humans evolved is like a sharp spine in the heart to an extremist Christian. Studies and research has shown that most don’t even know what human evolution means to begin with.

According to the Bible, the world is estimated to be 6,000 years. Also, humans didn’t evolve and was created by Yahweh to serve him on earth in the biblical renditions. Yet, when the attention of a Christian is called to the fact that there are two creation stories in the Bible, most act surprised or say God did it that way in his own wisdom.

They probably didn’t know or haven’t read such because the Bible remains the most edited book till date. One continue to wonder why humans can’t stop editing the “word of God”.

But, could this be true? Don’t take our word for it, read it yourself and see.
• Gen 1:1–2:3 and Genesis 2:4.

5. They Don’t Know God

It’s easy for every nutcase out there to claim a “God” called them to come and serve him. They go further to reveal their miraculous encounters with this God and what he wants.

Apparently, in a universe filled with zillions of galaxies which we know nothing about, tiny primates on a blue dot planet takes centre stage.

A Christian whose concept of the maker of all things is admittedly rooted in their religious texts alone will obviously end up having a very limited concept and perception of “God”.

This is why most Christians will easily align themselves with the image of a peaceful loving God in the new testaments but neglect the vengeance, angry, bloodletting and destructive God described in the old testament. They forget you can’t accept one and deny the other.

Old Testament Mass Killings – A number of cases of mass killings of people, apparently at God’s behest, are recorded in the Old Testament:

1. The Flood (Genesis 6-8)
2. The cities of the plain, including Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18-19)
3. The Egyptian firstborn sons during the Passover (Exodus 11-12)
4. The Canaanites under Moses and Joshua (Numbers 21:2-3; Deuteronomy 20:17; Joshua 6:17, 21)
5. The Amalekites annihilated by Saul (1 Samuel 15)

In conclusion –

Christians have been falsely claiming persecution for centuries, a victim complex that runs counter to the evidence. Christianity has enjoyed decades of political majority, violated constitutional mandates against separation of church and state and oppressed marginalized groups such as homosexuals and transgender citizens while using the law to deny them rights.

Christianity has done far more in the way of persecuting than it has received in persecution. Now that people are finally standing up for themselves against, it may feel like being bullied, when in fact they’re no longer receiving the historic deferral that Christians enjoyed in the past. If you can’t handle criticism of your beliefs, you’re in for tough life.

There’s a way that you can go about your life without having your beliefs questioned – don’t tell them to other people or try to force them on others. But, if you just have to declare your beliefs to others, be prepared for a possible pushback.


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