2023: Foremost atheist declares for Presidency, vows to make Nigeria a “First World Country” with SciTech

The news reaching our desk right now is that foremost Nigerian atheist, a world renowned businessman and billionaire tech guru from Imo State has joined the Nigeria Presidential race, Uptownerd reports.

The billionaire businessman whose name is known within the inner circles of global power brokers, with extensive reach in the Kremlin, Washington, Beijing, Berlin, Paris and London, has vowed to facilitate the long awaited ascension to superpower status of Nigeria. Reporting on the latest declaration, the billionaire was quoted as saying “it’s time” to advance Nigeria to the next phase, “First World Country”, citing that the country is “ripe” for the global project Africa that will see a meteorological rise in African population, human resources and economy by 2050.

He said – “Nigeria needs to be positioned to take her rightful place in the committee of nations and for the global shift in economics.” the tech guru said. Speaking further on the development, the billionaire noted that: “Everyone thinks Nigeria can do better. Nigeria is the biggest black nation on earth and with that comes many expectations.” He noted.

He lamented that unfortunately, the current crop of leaders are myopic, but that it’s a generational curse they inherited which has to be changed with adequate reorientation, industrialization, modernization and plugging of the massive infrastructural deficiency in the country.

“Take a look at Buhari, the so called messiah Nigerians voted out Goodluck Jonathan for. In his watch, Nigeria has gone to tatters, insecurity is off the charts, Naira is practically useless as a currency, infrastructural development has turned to profiteering adventures for government cronies while unemployment levels at this time means the weak willed have resorted to all kinds of illegal activities to make ends meet.

“This means that people who wouldn’t ordinarily consider crime are now seeing it as justified while corruption has been embedded into the system without a fight. Yes, I say without a fight, because who is going to fight the corruption in Buhari’s regime? Definitely noone, because they’re all corrupt. They openly flaunt it in our faces, put pegs in holes that definitely don’t fit and openly accept criminals with corruption baggages in their tables and what do you expect? A nation in tatters and total decay! But, we will savage this.

“I am calling on all peace loving Nigerians – atheists, freethinkers, agnostics, traditional worshippers, Christians, Muslims and lovers of freedom to join me as we rescue our country from these bunch of vipers and their infectious venom which has kept our dear Nigeria in the dark ages for 62yrs. We are taking our country back, it’s time to make Nigeria great again!”

He finished amidst thunderous applause from all sundry who gave him their support as they await the public declaration. Although, widely known and popular among the elite, a lot of Nigerians are going to be stunned when he finally makes a public declaration in the coming days.

So far, a lot of political big weights have declared their intention to run for the office of the President. Chief among them is the current Vice-president, Yemi Osibanjo who made his declaration yesterday and will be contesting on the platform of the ruling party, APC (All Progressives Congress). However, he is going to face stiff competition from the likes of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, who reportedly handpicked him for the VP job.

Also, former governor of Rivers State and current Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi has declared too. From the South East, David Umahi (current governor of Ebonyi State) and Rochas Okorocha (currently a Senator and former Governor of Imo State) has signified interest to run as Southern governors continue to push for Presidency to be returned to the region.

Some popular politicians gunning for the opposition (PDP) ticket include Peter Obi, Anyim Pius Anyim, Atiku Abubakar, and others. It remains to be seen who will be the presidential flag bearer of the two parties going into the 2023 elections.

Stay tuned.

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