Oscar: Will Smith suffers 10 devastating long term career losses after Chris Rock slap

The Oscar slap in honour of Pinketh Smith executed by no other person than the man legend himself, Will Smith, has turned out to be an expensive joke.

When it comes to Hollywood, come back stories (although happens once in a while) is very rare. This is why many has continued to question the rationality behind Will Smith not keeping it cool during the Oscar awards. Below is what the Oscar awards slap delivered by Will Smith on Chris Rock has cost the Fresh Prince of Bel Air –

• Ten years of the Oscar Ceremony was vetoed.

• Will Smith’s Biopic has been cancelled.

• Bad Boys 4 has been cancelled.

• The Fast & Loose movie he was shooting for Netflix was cancelled.

• The movie “I AM LEGEND 2” no longer wants to work with him. Michael. B. Jordan has been offered the role.

• Has been expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences and Arts.

• His wife he slapped Chris Rock for did not support him. In an interview with AMERICAN WEEKLY, she was quoted as stating that she did not ask to be saved and called Will Smith “EXAGGERATED”.

• Chris Rock’s brothers are looking for Will. They publicly said “We’re going to finish you off”.

• No producer wants to work with him on any kind of project.

• Drama series “BELL AIR”, the reboot of the “Fresh Prince of Bell Air” is being slammed by criticism.

• He is currently in rehab to control his depression and tantrums.

The jokes on Will Smith though.

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