2023: Buhari’s FG Reopens 2 Land Borders in the South to save face as elections draw closer

As economic frailties of the Buhari led Nigerian government continue to manifest in terms of massive and unbearable hardships, the Federal Government has approved the reopening of four additional land borders in the country. This was passed down through a circular that was dispersed yesterday, Friday, Uptownerd reports.

In August 2019, the APC led government of Muhammadu Buhari had shut down all Southern borders as part of the so called alleged efforts to curtail smuggling and boost local production of rice. After three years, the policy has proved to be a complete fatal failure, skyrocketing the prices of the respective foods and raw materials it sought to provide local sufficiency in.

In the circular released and signed by Deputy Comptroller-General E. I. Edorhe, the following borders were listed for reopening – Idiroko border post in Ogun State, Jibiya border post in Katsina State, Kamba border post in Kebbi State and Ikom border post in Cross River State.

Ikom border bridge, Cross River State.

Consequently, every border patrol department and Customs formations are to ensure proper compliance with extant operational guidelines.

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