Afterlife: 5 Explanations on what really happens after death

What exactly happens after death is a fixation that has probably created the biggest amount of depression for most.

A lot of persons are left wondering if death is the end of it all or the beginning of yet another mysterious journey. Whichever is the thought, here are some of the things we know about what happens after death –

1. The Individual turns to a Memory Permanently

For the bereaved and other acquaintances, the individual becomes a memory that sticks.

With time, the memory will fade and just little collections of it will remain after a few years down the line.

2. About the Law of Energy Creation

According to the law of energy, it can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transferred from one point to the other.

If that is true, assuming the human also possess this energy as a living being, we can hypothetically say that the life force transitions into something else in magnitudes we can’t fathom yet at the point of death.

3. Earth’s Recycling

Regardless of the final form of ascension, a human being joins earth’s recycling culture after death.

4. Matter Conversion

Of course a person can specifically spell out what happens to them after they die with respect to how their body should be disposed of.

One of those processes is matter conversion. Here, a person can choose to turn themselves into a tree and there are companies that offer such services.

5. Life goes on for the Living

Although some people have been known to go extreme when it comes to showing their distress and sadness about a loved one, most of the time, people just continue with their lives because ==> see number 1 above!


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