Saturday Morning Reflections: Memories of dawn

Dawn symbolises the manifestation of hidden realities, at least I have always seen it that way.

I have had quite some chilling memories of dawn since I could think. Although quite chilly, most of the experiences aren’t all that bad. At the dawn of time, so many invisible alignments start to appear gradually, obviously seeable regardless.

But, I do imagine quite a lot at the break of dawn. It’s one of my best times, even birthed an unbreakable routine in me. Sometimes, it’s like I just wake up as the moment it’s about to strike and mope around, doing nothing except waiting for the day to the break.

But, I realized dawn is one of my best times in life. It’s allure lies in the serenity it permeates as it pulls it’s reveries across the earth, signaling to the inhabitants to start calling it on the wonderful darkness they rolled in.

Other times, it motivates a hidden strength inside of me, urging me to carry on and not to take life for granted.

Then again, there’s the other dawn, the one that brings all the facts to your face. This dawn like it’s early morning twin has its moments set and will reveal itself only at the time it chooses. Yeah, I guess that’s the moment it actually dawns on you.

But, dawn taught me that now doesn’t matter. In fact, nothing does. You just got to choose to live in the moment, because like dawn, it’s all fleeting and never the same moment again.

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