Is Heaven Real? How to secure a place in Paradise

A lot has been said of a glorious abode where the good go to enjoy after leaving earth. This notion has spawned several billions of faithfuls around the world who will do anything within their faith to secure a place in this paradise.

Right before various religious groups became rampant, the notion of an afterlife has been mulled for ages along tribal morales and entwined in ancestral reverence.

But, is there really a place called heaven or paradise for good doers after they die? Well, here’s what we know so far.

Unfortunately, no-one knows what happens next after death. If someone has been preaching or speculating about a certain home of paradise (heaven) after death, the real question you should be asking them is, “how did you know?”

Is a very simple method of inquiry that easily clears things up. This stems mostly from the fact that most people are simply ignorant, and due to their way of upbringing, get sucked into the religious beliefs of their environment. Of course, in the long run, the person grows averse to the actual reality, supplanting the realities of this world with fantasies they sustain in their mind due to religious indoctrination.

But, if it’s alright by you, you can relax now. Heaven is not real. Its just make believe to make you behave, have something to hope for and of course keep sane without thinking yourself to death through depression after realising the meaningless of life.

By the way, the direct opposite of heaven is hell, another fictitious no land that also doesn’t exist.


  1. I believe in God and the Holy Bible. His word mentions heaven. I believe in Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the world. I believe in the Gospel which is Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again (1 Corinthians 15:1-4)

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