Africa: US to directly control African governments with new “Malign Russian Activities in Africa Act, 2022”

According to recent reports cited by Uptownerd Publications, the United States government led by President Joe Biden is moving ahead with its plan to protect Western interests in Africa.

In a move political commentators are regarding as another likely gaffe by Biden’s Administration, the push for the passage of the Bill by Congress is going to effectively compel Biden’s Administration to allocate billions of dollars in budgetary allocation.

If the reports are to be believed, the Malign Russian Activities in Africa Act, 2022 has already been passed by the US House of Representatives on April 27.  A huge bipartisan 419-9 majority carried the day and the Bill will soon be passed by the US Senate and become law.

When Congress passes the Bill into law, it will direct the US Secretary of State “to develop and submit to Congress a strategy and implementation plan outlining United States efforts to counter the malign influence and activities of the Russian Federation and its proxies in Africa.”

According to the Bill, malign activities are those that “undermine United States objectives and interests.”

Although the Bill was immediately put into play after Russia declared their military intervention in Ukraine, the purpose of the law is mostly to thwart Africa’s new found military romance with Russia as can be seen in Central African Republic and Mali.

Gregory Meeks, who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee said as much himself when he was quoted as saying that the new legislation was specifically designed to thwart Russia when he said the bill is supportive of Africa and intended to protect –

“All innocent people who have been victimised by Putin’s mercenaries and agents credibly accused of gross violations of human rights in Africa, including in the Central African Republic and Mali.”

Gregory Meeks – Chairman, House Foreign Affairs Committee.

It begs the question as to why US will be so concerned with human rights violations of Russia in some African countries when the government of CAR and Mali specifically invited Russian military intervention (following laid down conventions) to help root out terrorism and insecurity in their country.

Of course the United States has been accused of sponsoring terrorism, effecting government changes around the world or using the CIA to create rebels to destabilise administrations that don’t dance to Western tunes.

But, Central African Republic and Mali is also not the only recipient of Russia’s new military benevolence. From Libya to Sudan, Mozambique and elsewhere, Russia has been invited to help fight rebels or jihadist militants.

Although Kenya may have loaded their togetherness with the West, other African nations has reacted in a lukewarm manner to Western failed siege of the Russian economy. The African Union at most expressed “extreme concern” in Russia’s military entanglement with Ukraine and the Western unilateral sanctions.

A look at the Bill shows that Biden’s failed ministry of Truth experiment always had a back up plan. After all, most Westerners have already been primed to blame Russia and Vladimir Putin for their worsening inflation rates.

With the new law, “the commies are about to destroy African democracy” may be the new Western media propagation.


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