Let your past make you better, not bitter

When you’ve made a mistake or was probably hurt by someone, it can make you to become unnecessarily regretful and bitter. However, these are feelings that only make the situation worse. You can’t start a new chapter in your life if you’re constantly dwelling on what happened or didn’t go in your favour.

Never let hard lessons harden your heart. The hard lessons of life are meant to make you better, not bitter.

Obviously, it’s practically impossible to change the past; it’s out of your hands, so settle down, relax and make a new plan. Don’t be a prisoner of your past, instead be the ruler of the future.

When you allow the past assist in making the decisions, you’ll most likely make the right move and will not feel tied down by variables that necessitated the first bitter lessons. Blaming things on the past does not make them better.

Accept responsibility for past mistakes and it will lead you to understand how not to repeat them. Accept the past and intentionally move towards a new future devoid of the mistakes made. Stop making yourself bitter for past decisions. You made the best call possible decision with the information you had available at the time.

All things continue to improve & decay in time. Eventually the decay catches up with the improvement & beats it. It’s called entropy, it means there’s no energy left in the end to do good work, no further chance of value added or economic improvement, entropy eats that. Raw apple becomes ripe thanks to its past. Then becomes rotten. Thanks to its past again. Then ferments & decays become soil. All thanks to its past.

You cannot change your past. However, it is trite that you can at least change the way you think of your past.
In this lies the key to transformation of your future perspectives!

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