Bilderberg: 5th Most Mysterious Secret Society in the world just held a meeting with scary Agendas

The group was formed in 1954 as a yearly conference among political and non-political figures to prevent another world war.

However, the annual conference which brings the group together every year has moved beyond prevention of another global war. Promotion of bilateral relations between Europe and North America has also been added to the discussions held at the conference.

Attendees come from all sphere’s of life, and can only be through invitation. Whatever is discussed in the conference is never divulged to the media afterwards, hence getting it a secret society tag.

The West seems to be in all out economic war against Russia while seriously keeping tabs on China and India. However, the Ukrainian crisis has continued to alter global balance and a new realignment in the new world order is currently undergoing serious phases across the world.

It’s quite pretty convenient that Bilderberg is holding its famed secret meeting with top VIP’s trooping to rep their various group interests. In the video below, their agenda is highly expoused and dissected.

The 5 Most Mysterious Secret Societies In The World

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