Wife of Chris ‘Thor’ Hemsworth enjoying high raves after her movie “Interceptor” hit No.1 on Netflix

Chris “Thor” Hemsworth showed major love to wife Elsa Pataky after her Netflix movie hit #1 in USA and Australia movies charts.

Chris Hemsworth may be on track to hit the theaters with the fourth installment of his Marvel character in Thor: Love and Thunder in July. However, right now, he’s acknowledging another member of the Hemsworth family who’s topping charts for action flicks across the Atlantic.

The Marvel star shone a light on his wife, Elsa Pataky, after her Netflix action packed thriller film, “Interceptor” hit the #1 spot on U.S. trending list and Australia as well.

Chris Hemsworth expressed how proud he is over his wife’s accomplishment through an Instagram post he made on his official account. In it, he shared photo of Netflix’s trending movies lists for both the United States and Australia. He also drew a hearts around the icons for Elsa Pataky’s new project, indicating the sheer amount of love he has for her.

You can check out the post below:


The last officer standing on a remote missile defense base wages the battle of her life against terrorists aiming 16 stolen nuclear weapons at the US.

Watch trailer here.

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