APC 2023: Igbo’s Rendered Politically Powerless After Miscalculating… Again!

2023: Igbo’s rendered politically powerless again after miscalculating as Tinubu emerges Presidential Candidate

This is not word on the street anymore. After all the frenzy and media brouhaha, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has emerged the winner of the just concluded All Progressives Congress (APC) extraordinary polling.

Of the three biggest ethnic groups in the country, the Igbo’s have once again schemed themselves out of the top position with another miscalculation as usual.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu has won the APC Presidential Primary for the 2023 General Election. The Results are as Follows –

1. Bola Ahmed Tinubu Scored 1271 Votes
2. Rotimi Amaechi. Scored 316 Votes
3. Yemi Osinbajo. Scored 235 Votes
4. Sen. Ahmed Lawan Scored. 152 Votes
5. Yahaya Bello. Scored. 47 Votes
6. David Umahi Scored 38 Votes
7. Sen. Ben Ayede. Scored 37 Votes
8. Sen. Ahmed Rufai Sani. Scored 4 Votes
9. Hon. Chukwuemeka. Scored 1 vote.
10. Ogbonnaya Onu Scored 1 vote
11. Jack Rich. Scored. 0 Vote
12. Pastor Bakare. Scored 0 vote
13. Sen. Rochas Okorocha. Scored. 0 Vote
14. Chief Mukelu. Scored. 0 Vote

But, did the Igbo’s really ever had the chance in the first place to begin with? The answer is yes, but the widespread political ineptitude of the average person on the street in the SouthEast as well as the greedy nature of their so called politicians have always played a role in them playing third fiddle since the return of democracy in Nigeria in 1999.

Ebonyi State (where Umahi is the sitting governor) has 51 delegates but they didn’t all vote for him as he polled 38 votes. Fellow Ebonyian, Ogbonnaya Onu got 1 vote. This totals to 38+1=39.
51 – 39 = 12. Where did their votes go? They’re Igbo’s!

Imo state has about 80 delegates. Abia 51, Enugu 51. Anambra a little around 60-70. This is over 200 (285 in total) votes yet the South East candidates altogether didn’t have up to 50 votes. So where did the SE delegates’ votes go to ?

The SouthEast is so out of touch with the Nigerian reality that the APC top Presidential candidates never bothered to campaign in the region. Online though, the zone is ever present but lacking when it comes to unifying along a single purpose politically. After all, we all heard the noise until…

Islands don’t do politics. It takes two to tango; a fact the North and SouthWest understood very well. The first generation of Igbo’s after independence knew this fact too well. Unfortunately, this current crop is still living under many illusions, of which the desire to leave the Nigerian federation is one of them at the moment. Interests supercedes a lot of things.

With the loud mouthed Easterners not repping the Presidential Candidate of the top 2 parties in the country for the 2023 Presidential election, embers of freedom fades away while the actual freedom that can actuate a change is used to render the South East insecure and politically irrelevant at the national level.

Admittedly, you can be rest assured that we have not heard the rest of the story from the Easterners who are looking like political orphans at the moment with no leader or improvements in their political fortune in Nigeria for now. Who knows what will happen next?

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