Saturday Morning Reflections: Balancing egos

How deep are you full of yourself? I’m sure you probably think the world revolves around you. Well, not to worry, no bubble bursting right here, just chitchat.

Inability to realize and deal with competing interests within self can ruin a lot of aspirations. Most times, it’s going to create a lot of conflicts in personality choices.

Stop and think before reacting. It’s important you know your crowd within and outside of yourself. Life is rightfully cyclical and saddled with concentric circles of growth.

A greater part of personal transformation involves leaving your ego at the door when stepping off to meet new adventures or people. It also involves acknowledging that you need others to help you achieve your goals sometimes.

A balanced ego helps an individual understand their motives and establish themselves and find their place in the world without the need to be unnecessarily complicated.

An individual with a balanced ego is fully aware of their existence and do not need other people to confirm it for them. I do understand though that balancing humility and confidence can be a little difficult for a lot of people, especially when they’re sniffing off and high on their self bravado.

However, self awareness should be intently kept in close contact so as not to relapse into a certain false modesty. Nothing can be more off putting than the sense of false modesty your supposed vibes gives off.

One should be able to understand the limitations of their own thoughts and conclusions. An individual should know that their perspectives about several things are just subject to be agreed to or absolutely rejected regardless. Your conclusions, concerns, considerations, opinions and thoughts on a particular thing couldn’t possibly be all there is to any particular subject matter.

Your way is not the only way, and the sun definitely doesn’t set on your head.

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