Russia: “Africa may be sleeping but it will rise” – Vladimir Putin tackles US & EU (Video)

In an interview, Russian President took out time with the press to discuss global issues amidst high cost of living skyrocketing across the West and other economies around the world.

Vladimir Putin used the opportunity to buttress the challenges facing the Russian economy but categorically stated that they will not become a closed market. According to Putin, “no iron curtain would fall over Russian economy”, a symbolic statement characteristic of the Soviet Union.

He recalled that the Soviet Union had an iron curtain over their economy but made it clear that it was the USSR that chose to make it so. The Russian supremo said Russia will not make similar mistake again.

He acknowledged that USA led NATO block may have advantages in some hi-tech but restated that the world does not revolve around the EU and USA. According to him, there is China and India who are also other big cultures pivoting away from US hegemony.

He went further to relay that Africa, Latin America, Asia and other Carribbean countries are still economies. In specificity, he stated that “Africa may be sleeping, but it will rise” according to translations from the video.

He further stated that the sanctions meted against them by the West is hitting them harder than Russia.

Watch the video below –

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