Ukraine: Brace up, unprecedented hurricane to hit US and global economy – JP Morgan

It’s all going from bad to worse right now in the United States if the recent redacted interview from JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon.

It seems the gang up against Russia by the US led NATO block is having devastating consequences on their fueled by the skyrocketing prices of energy resources.

For clarity, energy resources are at the fulcrum of production across the globe. Disturbances in the supply chain usually create multilateral uneven effects. However, the current geopolitical crisis in Ukraine and the Covid-19 instigated economic downturns is stagnating economic growths.

As at the time of writing this report, US and UK are still fueling the crisis in Ukraine, thereby creating disruptions in the trading of energy commodities around the world through their unilateral sanctions against Russia.

Billions of dollars in weapons has been allegedly siphoned off to facilitate the war efforts in Ukraine to keep Russia busy and destroy the Russian economy. However, the opposite seems to be the case. The Kremlin has responded in kind by shoring up their economic policies and recreating Rouble usage.

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