Russia: Belgium boils, Nationwide protest erupts as cost of living skyrocket (video)

More than 80,000 protesters swarmed the streets of Brussels in Belgium’s capital city demanding their government to “spend money on salaries, not on weapons” against Russia.

“Stop spending money on the war” and “Stop #NATO!” — participants of the protest can be heard saying with their slogans, signboards as they come out to protest.

The major cost of the protest was the skyrocketing cost of living that is sweeping across Europe as a result of energy sanctions against Russia.

The United States and most EU powers are now facing a raging economic, social, and political crisis since they decided to sanction Russia, a major exporter of energy and grains.

Apparently, citizens are tired of the continuous rising of living costs. Protesters can be seen condemning their governments policies concerning Russia’s action in Ukraine. Watch video below:

More details later…

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