Ukraine: Germany, Austria, Netherland return to “coal” after Russia cut gas supply

Netherland’s cabinet has taken a decision that many didn’t think were an option just a few months ago, especially with the European Union’s drive for their green energy agenda.

News reaching Uptownerd Publications is that the Dutch government has concluded plans to start running coal-fired power stations at full capacity again. It is currently said to be running at 35% capacity at the moment.

Recall that Netherland had sanctioned Russia alongside fellow EU and NATO members, leading Vladimir Putin to stop gas supply to them. This means that one of the country’s major supplier of cheap gas has pulled the ranks on gas supply, leaving Netherland scampering for replacements.

However, it appears the country’s leadership may have underestimated the impact of the cut with the new decision undertaken by the cabinet. According to them, the purpose of running the coal powered plants at full capacity again is to make sure there is enough gas left to heat their homes in the coming winter.

The Dutch was recently hit with a rather sour news from its Groningen gas field. Constant earthquakes around the region due has made the government wound down the place. Climate minister, Rob Jetten told a press conference on Monday that –

“If these were not special times, we would never do this,
“This is an important step to ensure the security of supply.” He stated.

According to recent stats, gas storage in the Netherland has depleted between 45% and 55% capacity.

In other news, Germany and Austria are advocating heavy rationing of gas and resort to coal usage in order to shore up supplies for winter as Russian gas cut bites hard. Some residents has been advised to chop down trees to help with rationing of the available gas, especially as volatility saddles the Russian influenced energy market.

The decision was prompted by a statement from Russia’s Gazprom n last week. The energy giant said it was reducing supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline for technical reasons.

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