Saturday Morning Reflections: Facades for altered perceptions of false realities

I never did a single thing tomorrow that played out like I thought of it yesterday. And I think I’m kinda formulaic, a working talking clock.

Do we persist in creating other realities in our mind despite the usually different manifestations in our real lives? It does seem like such thought forms helps to grind our mind on the best dispositions to face the actual realities of the world.

It’s like there’s this self-produced layers of facades predisposed to determine on spots how to face the realities of one’s present situation at all times.

If you ask, I will say they’re all false realities shrouded in altered perceptions within the mind. I guess this is why one can readjust to all situations because you have probably thought of yourself doing it somewhere in your subconscious.

But, in the actions, they all manifest; and very different as you probably thought it would be. In the end, whatever is actually experienced becomes the reality or the standard to compare perceptions of realities. However, don’t be fronting, your experiences is actually not the half of it you know?

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