UK plans to shutdown gas pipelines to EU if Ukraine crisis intensifies

According to a report cited by Uptownerd Publications on Financial Times, it seems the UK may be forced to cut gas supplies to EU partners if the energy resource continues to be scarce. Already, prices of gas in UK is at all time high and has inadvertently propelled the cost of living in Britain.

There’s been an artificial global shortage of gas as a result of the heated geopolitical quagmire erupting from Ukraine and Europe.

European Union countries are facing gas crunch after Russia stopped or slowed down supply to members, with Germany and Netherland having resorted to coal to augment their gas shortages. Russia is the leading producer of cheap fossil fuels and a supply cut has devastated so many production cycles, skyrocketing prices of goods in major economies around the world.

The United Kingdom may be nearing a level, at which it will activate emergency measures to protect its economy and prepare for the winter ahead. If supplies fall short further, UK will be forced to cut supplies to Europe.

This may be a further blow to Europe who has levied numerous sanctions against Russia.

Image Credit: Financial Times

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