Saturday Morning Reflections: Grippier doses of grotesque realities in daily living

I’m on a trip, a voyage of endless yearnings and cravings for the distorted perceptions in my mind I want in my life.

Every waking hour gets filled with limitless grasping for sustenance and survival. The day never completed without the satisfaction of the regular ego desires.

Deep down within, it never stops. Run from it, hide or try to maneuver, it always effortlessly overpowers whatever gets thrown at it.

It creeps in, and it’s always seeking, devouring and never stops needing. It grows with age too, almost damning whatever else it built for something more your nature as personal development gets set in the psyche.

It gets grippier by the day, almost making certain that individual strata movements across needs ladder, time and ages, something always got you bugged down… that must be solved.

But it doesn’t get any better. It craves endlessly, it aims to destroy albeit unintentionally, or is it? It’s sole purpose is to be the end of you through endless wanting and satisfaction of millennial desires that continue to manifest in humans from the genes throughout the ages.

And so the cycle continues, a cycle of seeking, satisfaction and destruction of needs that never fail to take different shapes to manifest itself in varied realities.

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