There are more than a billion ways to die, but death by “juju” is not one of them

Juju in nigeria means black magic and nigerian juju means juju practiced in nigeria.JuJu is black magic, which is especially popular in Nigeria. JuJu means magic, witchcraft, or sorcery and has its origins in the old traditional religions and beliefs. JuJu has its roots in the French word “joujou” and it is used to give supernatural powers to some object.

There is so much going on that we don’t know. However, there is no human death without a cause. In Africa, and Nigeria to be specific, the widespread false belief that you can magically kill someone through juju is laughable at most.

But when you see that even the educated and uneducated seems to share and indulge in this age long superstitious falsehood, it becomes nauseating to even think about it. You see, in Nigeria, people have made it a pass time to disseminate disinformation and fake news while portraying same as real.

Now, you may think that the portrayers of this loquacious hullabaloo actually know what they’re saying or that they have witnessed such incident and can give a first person account over it. You will be surprised to know that is never the case. That notwithstanding, a typical believer of this nonsense will categorically state it as fact and then get angry when you expect verification.

Danish aid worker Anja Ringgren Lovén was on a mission with her husband in Nigeria to rescue some of the thousands of children abandoned each year after being accused of being a witch.

Investigations by Uptownerd Publications has shown that all of the beliefs in juju comes from hearsay and the extremely religious nature of the Nigerian populace. Make no mistake about it, Nigeria is a highly intolerant religious state with so many hypocrites who will judge you instantly because of a foreign deity you believe or don’t believe in.

This belief system that is steeped in alternate history as given to most Africans by imperialists has permeated through the African society for ages, it’s so difficult for an average Nigerian to decipher what is real and what is fake. It’s even far worse right now because the mainstream media controls what they see, think and do through images, text and audiovisual channels.

Of course, if an individual can be convinced that another person can use juju to cause them harm or outrightly murder them, then the brainwashing is complete. The person can believe anything. They will easily believe a demon is after them, that some witches are hampering their progress, that there is an invisible being in the sky monitoring their daily thoughts and activities, that a Satan is after them and that pastors can actually heal someone. Isn’t pathetic?

However, be rest assured that there are more than a billion ways to die, and death by juju is definitely not one of them. This is because juju is not real. It doesn’t matter what you have been told all this year’s or what your clergymen told you, they’re lying to you. You can take this free information to the bank – courtesy of Uptownerd Publications.

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