Forest Fires: Meet real life “The Animal Avengers” who saved Freddy the Turtle and designed new shell for him

I have often wondered what happens if a turtle lose their shell. Well, as I digged in further, I realized that a turtle loosing it’s shell is equivalent to ripping the skin and ribs off a person. Definitely an extremely painful process if you can imagine it.

There is at least one case of a turtle that lost its shell after being trapped in a forest fire in Brazil. Here is Freddy the Turtle.

Poor old Freddy couldn’t run fast enough to escape the horror fires and was trapped in it and paid for it with the destruction of his shell. However, he was rescued by a group calling themselves “The Animal Avengers”, made up of 4 veterinarians, 1 dental surgeon and a 3D designer. They took him in afterwards.

After managing to save Freddy’s life, they used 3D printing techniques, similar to those used to create dentures, to make him a new shell. They also painted it to look as natural as possible.

What do you think?

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