The Destructive Editor: Words of Mass Destruction (WMD) Vol.1 – Nigeria

Omo, for this life try become big. Russia told NATO, US and EU say if them interfere for their military operations inside Ukraine, them go collect wotowoto. Omo, as I dey tells you this thing na, Germany, Netherland, other EU countries don downgrade from gas to coal. Even England don dey threaten to hoard their small gas wey remain.

Inside US of A, na from one palava to another. Them turn the place into warzone soteya children are just one shot away from getting killed by a psychopath with a gun license.

What of the Western economy? Omo, as i dey write this thing, Naija inflation na joke to the one wey dey Europe and USA currently. The thing dey pain citizens sotey them don dey do heavy protest for Europe sake of say cost of living don dey reach heaven.

Omo, people no dey smile again. People wey dey expect money from their benefactors wey dey Europe and USA go see say things don change. Even Yahoo boys dey cry now say their updates dey complain of gas rationing, say economy hard.

Omo, na energy dey rule the world. Countries wey get fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal, uranium, neon gas) get the power for this world. If you come get all those energy them come be ultimate warhorse, your name na Russia. Forget all those renewable energy and other adjectives they use, na side distractions be that. Everything na oil and gas be the target. Dem wan dey use style reduce the price to their benefits at all times. Na why dem wan put cap for fossil fuels. But na who Putin wan sell gas to e go sell to. If them like make them cap the price at $0.

If you see as EU, NATO and USA dey badger Russia, you go think say them fit do anything. Omo, no allow your country turn to Ukraine like Zelensky. At the end of the day, na una go hear am while the globalists go dey look for their next proxy.

As USA and NATO don see say Russia no be small pikin wey dem go turnover anyhow, na so dem talk say dem go fight to the last Ukrainian in Ukraine land. Omo, nobody want Russia wahala for their doorstep. Omo, as you bring palava come, na so destruction go follow am dey waka for your homeland, and you go become refugee for Europe. Omo, na so dem go put you for camp.

As I dey tell you this thing so, Omo Russia get everything. Anything wey dem no get now, na him be say dem never put am for their mind. Imagine say up to 30+ countries gang up drop mother of all sanctions on top Russia head. Omo, na so magic come happen o, na so everything just dey do back to sender. Hmmm, like play like play, Putin come use their number six, Omo na so inflation come dey hammer people wey wan destroy Russia’s economy.

Omo, na so China and India see opportunity o. If Russia dey lamba NATO for Ukraine, come liberate their people inside Ukraine wey some nazi heads dey brutalize tey tey, e mean say na only weak nations the globalists dey bully o. As everyone (wey fit) don keep their own nuclear warheads standby, omo noone wants their precious cities and millions of citizens destroyed from ogbunigwe. Well, except Zelensky of course, a comic puppet.

Omo, as Russia don show say dem be talk and do, people don dey get better mouth tell the globalists to go chop sh*t. People don dey see Russia as good wedge and a necessary buffer against NATO’s one world order. As I dey tell you this thing so, Omo new World Order don come o. I even hear say Naija wan join BRICS. Make we dey watch.

Omo, as I dey write this thing so, USA and major European economies are currently scheduled for massive recessions. Na wa o. Which kind wahala be this Russia self. Nnaa eeh, people come dey wonder whether USA use juju dey ping-pong  Europe. I know know say e get time wey the people wey be say dem say be centre of civilisation, go come dey knack themselves wotowoto, thinking say na Russia dem dey do. No be juju be that?

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