How can you predict if a person will be happy in his life … or not?

A study has shattered what most people think about happiness and the major determinant of it at midlife or when a person gets older. There was one particular statistics that predicted happiness more than any other metric.

A closer perusal at happiness metrics indicated that income, education or trophy collection rarely defined people’s happiness when they get older. It was discovered that the quality of a person’s “social support” is the major metric.

Social support means you’ve maintained quality friendships and relationships over the years. Here’s a simple test: If you were in a major jam, how many friends would you feel comfortable calling for help right now?

Hopefully, it’s more than zero. But it’s tricky. I’ll give you an example. A lot of people are obsessed with their work, career, craft or whatever else fancies their tickle. For most people, it’s all they do with their work energy.

Most are sucked into their crafts that their friendships are fizzling out since they probably lose all forms of social contact and don’t know how to control their obsession with perfecting their craft and making money.

But, here’s some free advice, our friendships tend to dilute over time as we get busy with our careers and families. This is why it’s imperative and very important to make small investments. Text your old friend. Make time to get together. Consciously recognize that these relationships are critical to the health of your future self.

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