Saturday Morning Reflections: It’s all getting reset, but you are probably concerned with Petties

There is more to life than just where the next meal comes from. A wise man once said the perception of being poor comes from the notion of wanting more.

The utopian satisfaction that the ego desires and craves for all the time blinds the most self-assured aware person into believing the fantasies of the group. The individual is quick to forget that were there’s a group, there is always an agenda.

It’s all getting reset right now before your very eyes. You are watching it in real time at the moment, and this is the history that will be told in ten (10) years time.

But, guess what, you have probably been conditioned to focus on the petties and the mundane that is perpetually designed to keep you dumb, ineffectual and down.

While they can afford to go to space, colonize Uranus and build a space station in Mars with a moonbase, you are left with ridiculous ideological differences. Of course, where is it all coming from? All the medium you express yourself are owned by them, you don’t even have a say in the matter. As they say, you are fucked, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Here’s something to think about.

However, we say to live. You got to move away from the things that blind you. They’re all around you, but you got to unplug yourself from the matrix. Take the redpill and be done with it once and for all. That is when you begin to live, and become real.

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