Terror on Unity Schools: Can Buhari redeem 5% of his image before he leaves?

President Muhammad Buhari has had seven (7) years to fix Nigeria’s decayed security architecture. Few months to the end of his disastrous reign in Aso rock, the Katsina State born former head of state has completely wrecked it all, leaving a rotten citadel filled with absolutely corrupt kleptomaniacs who are hell bent on profiteering off insecurity in Nigeria.

Buhari was elected by a huge population of deceived masses who mistook the President’s so called integrity for the “Nigerian saviour”. Apparently, the writing was always on the wall (sic 1983-5), but the party in charge, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) didn’t leave the people a better choice.

Reality couldn’t be more disappointing for millions of Nigerians today whose sources of living has been destroyed either by Covid-19 instigated pandemic shutdown, high cost of fossil fuels (and it’s attendant price readjustments across board) and the seemingly irreversible inflation from fake money printing (and debt ridden monetary policies not backed by tangible commodities).

• Can Buhari redeem 5% of his image before he retires to Daura?

Nigeria: Buhari makes Abuja unsafe & shuts down Unity Schools after losing fight against Boko Haram, ISWAP

Just days ago, the President’s convoy was attacked and we haven’t heard the rest of it yet. The news of the Kuje prison attack in the centre of Abuja is still pretty much fresh in our memories. There have been several alleged reports about the recapture of the escapees from the Kuje prison break. However, nothing has been heard about the capture of the main brains behind the assault and final desecration of the Nigerian security architecture in the heartland of Nigeria. Remember, just last year, the Defense Academy was attacked in broad day light and the rest of it is yet to be heard.

Today, the federal government, after seven years of cowering and pretending to fight insecurity (while feeding fat on security votes), finally gave in to terrorists and announced the shutdown of all government owned colleges in Abuja or “Unity Schools” as they’re widely known. It started with alleged rumours of gunshots around the Kwali FGC area in Abuja according to several reports online.

However, it has spread all over the metropolitan city and reports suggest most parents have already withdrawn and taken their wards home today being 25th July, 2022. While some schools had directed students to vacate latest on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, others disseminated messages to parents on Sunday asking them not to fail to come pick their children today unfailingly due to rising fear and anxiety emanating from reported threats.

Several internal and external security agencies has warned for the past four years about possible regrouping of Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists on the outskirts of Niger State and Abuja in the past. According to several security risk analysis of Abuja and environs, an encircling and possible siege of the nation’s capital has been laid out as an eventuality rather than a mere futuristic security breach speculation.

Today, it’s happening in real time, and the Buhari led FG cannot give any excuse for the desecration, destruction and caricature made of Nigeria and the nation’s capital city today. Even the President is not safe in the place that is supposed to be impregnable security-wise. Question is, can Buhari redeem at least 5% of his image before he packs bags to Katsina or some other oversea home we don’t know about?

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