Top 6 Most Profitable Commodities In The World Right Now 2022

Commodities are goods and services which we consume every day. They can be traded and are a great way to diversify your portfolio. But there are over 100 commodities, divided into four sectors; and most newbie traders find it hard to select the most lucrative ones to invest in. To solve that problem, here are 5 of the most profitable goods and services in the world now.

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  1. Natural Gas: Natural Gas has become more environment-friendly and created more demand for its industrial applications. It is cheaper than oil, but its price movement is dependent on that of oil.  This means that the tension between Russia and Ukraine also affects the prices of natural gas, so it could be very profitable over the course of the next 6 months or more. Countries with natural gas for exports has been heavily cashing out big time as Europe continues to sanction itself to punish Russia, sending the prices of gas to an all time high.
  • Crude Oil: This fossil fuel made up of organic materials and hydrocarbon deposits is the raw material for petroleum and petrochemical products and one of the best commodities to trade. Although nations of the world are looking towards other renewable forms and sources of energy, fossil fuels from the oil and gas sector remain the main source of energy for the time being; so the demand is still very great. After a down surge in the prices of crude oil at the height of the the COVID-19 pandemic, it has recovered and even gained a boost following trade sanctions on Russia (one of the greatest oil producers) for declaring a “special military intervention” in Ukraine. The price hike coupled with its demand and clamor makes it one of the best commodities in 2022.
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  • Grain: The news about shortage of grains around the world has been given an extensive coverage. Wheat, corn, rice and millet grains are at the top food chain due to the various processing usages they can be put to. Expectedly, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has triggered a rush and hoarding apparatus that has skyrocketed the prices, making them absolute hot cakes in the market right now.
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  • Gold: Gold, the king of metals, is a popular commodity among investors. Since the advent of gold coins in 600 BC, people have trusted the profitability of investing in gold even in economically turbulent times. At the onset of Russia’s “military operations” in Ukraine, the prices of gold came within reach of its all-time high, $2,000 per ounce; and although governments would certainly try to curb inflation and hike, gold has been predicted to shine again as an inflation hedge due to its stability in trying times like these. As a result, it is a very profitable commodity.
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  • Copper: With its conductivity and malleability, copper’s demand in the electrical industry would probably remain unmatched even for years to come. The conductivity metal generates investment as a commodity based on prediction of the industrial and construction industry growth around the world. Its demand has proven to be profitable in recent times.
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  • Silver: Another precious metal that, although not as revered as gold, is a profitable commodity. What silver lacks in investor trust as against gold, it supplements with its industrial usage. It can be used in many industries, and as such has built some demand over the years. And even though it has lost some of its value since March 2022, it carries great potential for investors.
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In conclusion, there are thousands of commodities out there but the ones that facilitate cross border trades seems to always be at the crux of high level monetary gains.

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