5 Signs that show someone is hiding the truth from you

We are all different even though there are certain elements in the world that paint us all the same. The idea that we can all be different and unique is something to be familiar with especially in our interactions with others.

Almost everyone is hiding something. Generally speaking, if someone is hiding something and you have known them quite a while, there are noticeable alterations in their behaviour towards or around you. The real proof is buried in the concept somewhere. Yet, we keep coming back to this element of behaviour that is so counter productive – truth.

I believe there can be no one quick method that will wake individuals up to their denial, as we are the ones that build our own wall, individuals dug in their own elements seem almost unable to pull out of their nose dive. It is as if the mind is clay, but the individual chooses to belive its porcelain. They have to first find that switch and flip it, and it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack on a dark night in the 1800’s.

1. They may become Sneaky

They will start using their knowledge of your own dispositions towards them against you and start being unnecessarily dishonest. This means that they will deliberately mislead you and try to outsmart you anytime you inquire as to their sneaky acts.

2. They start dodging common Questions

Since they are hiding something, certain questions may become off limit since the discourse may expose whatever it is they are hiding.

Because they don’t want to spill the beans, being secretive about common things becomes a norm. They might become quiet, cagey, introverted and might start putting locks on doors/boxes or passwords on things.

3. Unexplained disappearances.

They may be around but they will deliberately continue to disappear on you to avoid verbal confrontations.

Unless it’s a child and you’re concerned they’re taking drugs or talking to someone dodgy online, I wouldnt approach it. For example, if it’s a partner having an affair, let them get on with it; just do more of your own thing.

4. Body Language

To figure out if someone is hiding something from you, pay attention to their body language when interacting with them. Nothing gives off the facade than nature itself, because some things just can’t be hidden regardless of the cover up.

They might be flushed in the face or neck, sweating in the wrong places and especially avoiding eye contact during conversations. Some people will hold too long a gaze as if trying to dissuade you and assert a domineering projection with a “blank gaze” in your mind.

It can manifest in several different shapes, and may include swinging back and forth a seat, toe tapping, biting nails, or facing away.

5. They move too fast

Look carefully, are they human? Then they’re hiding something from you. The real question is about what it is that they are hiding. The best method to determine the risk is to go slowly.

Anyone that wants to move quickly, especially in relationships or business is suspicious. They may have ulterior motives and want to prep you up as soon as possible. They will want you to move quickly too or you’ll miss out.

So the rule is – the faster you feel like going the more likely you’re courting disaster. Slow down and think about who this person might really be for a second. Think about why things are moving too fast. Ask yourself if its possible that this is a bad thing and not the girl of your dreams or opportunity of a lifetime. Maybe this isn’t a good deal and they will steal my money, right?

In conclusion, we have to adapt to new ideas and new concepts all the time to survive. Sometimes; through no fault of their own, people get stuck in their ways. When this happens, any information pertaining to the situation is skewed by a filter, and now we have our misconception.

These misconceptions can stack on each other like building blocks. It starts out as a single cold cinder block laying in the driveway, and can grow to an unscalable wall. Once the wall of misconception is in place, people tend to forget they can turn around. Some people try to force through the wall, some choose to give up, and others go back the other way. But yes, you can generally tell when someone is hiding something.

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