5 Simple Digital Marketing Channels Small Businesses Can Prioritize For Growth and Profitability In 2022

Digital Marketing tips Small Businesses Can Prioritize For Growth and Profitability

Currently, there are over 125 million Micro, Small, and Mid-sized (MSME) businesses all over the world. With everything going digital, these businesses have also started looking for more innovative and digital ways to market their products online—because that’s where the market is. Here are 5 simple digital marketing channels for rapid growth and profitability every small business can employ today.

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Any small business that wants to maximize its profitability needs to have a website. It is the forefront of your brand online and integral for other marketing channels. Having a website doesn’t only help you showcase your products online; it also sets you apart from your competitors. It is common knowledge that a lot of people rely on the internet to find out information about any brand; as a result, your website (which is what the internet would present as the primary source of information about your business) is one of the best digital marketing channels for any small business.

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 Social media has become a goldmine for small businesses in the last few years, especially with the introduction of social commerce. Growing your social media audience and community will always provide you with a steady supply of customers, and such is a worthy investment. You should note that most customers have taken to the social media rave, and if they can’t find your presence on social media, they find your competitor. Examples of social media channels you can easily use to market products online include FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, etc…

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The reason your email inbox receives promotional emails every day of the week is because email marketing is still a very much viable marketing channel. And although people argue that social media has taken the shine away from email marketing, studies have shown that emails get 40 times more customers than social media and are cost-effective as well. Email marketing could be used for customer relationship management, up-selling, or direct promotion. For your emails to be effective, you need to make them interesting and short (most people have lots of emails to read every day). You can do it for free with Gmail, Smartmail, Outlook, etc…

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Search Engine Marketing is a very interesting digital marketing channel. While search engine ranking algorithms have gotten more complicated and the cost for good search engine marketing have gotten more expensive over the years, the organic traffic, leads, and monetization structures SEO offer are worth the effort. Optimizing your website to ranking well in your niche for search queries is the dream of any business owner.

Search engine marketing would be profitable when combined with a good social media strategy, invariably meaning that every small business needs a cohesive SEO and social media marketing plan in place to guarantee maximum profitability. Meanwhile, it should be noted that SEO should not be limited to Google, Bing, or search engines alone because every social media platforms have a search and organic reach algorithm.

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Video content has taken a place in the life of virtually everyone on the planet, with up to 5 billion videos watched on YouTube every day. Studies have also shown that reels have a better organic reach on Facebook and Instagram as against other forms of content. This means that there is huge potential for small businesses that engage in video marketing now and in the years to come.

Videos can be used across multiple platforms via social media, YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine), and even embedded in websites and landing pages as VSLs or tutorials.

As the world continues to evolve to align with technological innovations, businesses are expected to take initiative and utilize same to great advantage to optimize profit. Having a good online presence is one of the best ways of ensuring maximum reach to the target market as well as cultivation of personal relationships with customers.

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