EU choose Nigeria as reliable “saviour” in search for Russian gas alternative

A delegation of the EU to Nigeria has stated that it wants Nigeria to replace it’s Russian gas dependence through its LNG project across Sahara desert to Algeria. This was made known by Deputy Director-General Department for (Energy), European Commission in Brussels, Mr Matthew Baldwin at a news conference on Friday in Abuja.

Germany, Netherland, and a host of other EU block members are at the tip of declaring a level three (3) tier gas threat due to Russia’s stance on tit for tat sanctions. The European Union and USA sanctioned Russia’s fossil fuels which reverberated wrongly across the Western hemisphere, sending Europe scrambling for fossil fuels and declaring a 15% energy cut to save gas for winter.

The EU has been running helter skelter to wean itself of Russia’s gas, a proposition that appears better in press releases than reality. Former UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Italian PM, Draghi has paid the ultimate price with their resignations after a massive surge in inflation as a result of gas shortages and unimaginable high cost of living. Today, is Europe is alarmed about a potential energy crisis this winter and is looking towards Africa to save them –

“In summary, I am on a mission from Europe to try to deliver Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) today in the context of NLG partnership tomorrow with Nigeria.

“Europe is in a tight spot in relation to gas, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the instability in our gas market, and the threat of cutting off supply altogether.

“So, we have launched the energy platform task force and the primary goal is to reach out to our reliable partners such as Nigeria to replace the gas from Russia with gas from reliable partners, like Nigeria.” he said.

“To be clear, we need to manage the supply side and that’s why we want to expand what is currently at 14 per cent shares of our total LNG import from Nigeria and we want it to go up.

“Our gas percentage was 60 per cent but now we want to go,’’ he said.

The EU as a bloc is Nigeria’s biggest trading partner and accounts for about 20% of Nigeria’s trade with the world. In 2021, EU-Nigeria trade stood at €28.7billion.

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