Warner Bros cancel N41.9 billion Naira movie after Director wrapped up production

The Warner Bros Discovery merger has brought mixed fortunes with it. While some high profile officials were relieved of their duties, others may have been lucky enough to survive the big stick in the meantime.

The high-profile cancellations happening within the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) right now thanks means there is a reshuffling of the deck and a new vision being proposed for the whole studio.

Last week, Warner Bros Discovery announced they were scrapping “Batgirl” even though the movie is at post-production level. Also it has been revealed that the movie was already costing $90million and the studio spending nearly $100 million dollars on it or N41.9billion Naira.

Leslie Grace

Batgirl was set to star Leslie Grace in the lead role, Brendan Fraser was to star as the villain while Michael Keaton’s Batman was set to be reintroduced into the DCEU through the movie. However, the newly merged entertainment studio will now pass it off as a tax write-off, choosing to make only blockbusters and moving forward with a different plan.

Batgirl was scheduled to drop sometime later this year on HBO Max but won’t be seeing the light of day for now. It will not be released on HBO MAX or in the cinema.


  1. I can’t even imagine that much money, all wasted on a movie of all things. Guess there are very few stars born right now. It’s been a long, long time since I saw a blockbuster like the ones from my sunshine days. Just can’t seem to wrap my head around Batgirl or Batman. Bats look too much like rodents for my taste — not my idea of superheroes. Might be interesting to see what Warner Bros. Discovery inserts in it’s place. And now I’m wondering if any of this makes any sense at all but I have a headache so not going to read over it!

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  2. We were all shocked to hear the news. The movie itself was at post-production and they would have allowed it to be finalized even if it doesn’t meet the standard they want. The release was for HBO Max, not cinema.

    Can you tell us some of your most interesting movies from your sunshine days?

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