5 Ways to Know You Are Not As Smart As You Think

Being smart is probably overrated. But in a world with billions of competing interests against scarce and limited resources, smartness may be the only antidote to easily getting by outsmarting every other person. 

Most people have fear of criticism or being proven wrong by someone. If one has the belief in being too smart, one may want to take a step back. Although it is difficult to face the truth, it will be of great benefit to know that you may not be as smart as you think.

Some people believe they are logically superior to their peers and colleagues, and they may be correct about it. However, caution should be maintained because the ego that goes with can make them lose opportunities and get into trouble. The problem with those that think they are smarter than the rest often lies in the fact that they have come to enjoy being right and not being proven wrong in whatever they do. Check out these 5 signs to know whether you are being too egotistic, and see if all or a few apply to you.

  1. You Are Too Busy And Always Running Around
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When you think you are too busy to make good decisions, learn new things, and invest in people, then you are not smart enough because those are the qualities of smart people. Time and energy management is what all smart people learn on how to use their time effectively and their energy to produce something meaningful to minimize their stress. When you cannot stay in a place to invest in yourself long enough to be profitable, you are hardly as smart as you think you are.

  1. You Talk More Than You Listen
Man talking in skyscrapper
Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

Anybody can add value to your life wherever you find yourself if you are ready to listen. Wisdom does not come all the time from someone above or below you but can come from anywhere at any time when you are willing to expand your circle of influence and learn from those with different perspectives and experiences. When you talk too much, it can sometimes lead you to miss some points which wouldn’t be that way if you had stayed calm and listened. Listen more and talk less.

  1. Always In Consistent conflict
Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

Engaging yourself in unnecessary arguments and conflict to prove that you are smart is a sign that you are wasting your energy. Smart people avoid conflict and save their energy for positive projects and that brings progress to them. When you avoid conflict or argument, and you channel your energy into something meaningful, it’s a sign that you are getting smarter. If you channel your energy into creating and resolving the wrong arguments, it may be that you are not asking the right questions. Inadvertently, this means you will be answering the wrong questions, No smart person does that.

  1. You Read Less
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

A reader is always a leader. Reading is a basic tool for personal improvement and self-development. It is adopted by those that are truly smart. You can do yourself good by reading good books that will broaden your perspectives, and knowledge, and make you more creative. If you would rather spend the majority of your time on frivolities like sitting for hours watching television or posting pictures on every social media out there, you may not be as smart as you think.

  1. Lack Of Growth
Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

It is impossible to grow without making any effort to succeed, and it requires strong determination and hard work to achieve success. If you refuse to grow or learn more about what you are doing, you cannot go far in life. That is the reason growth is essential. If you are not growing every day, you cannot be smarter than the person who is making the effort to be better than they were the previous day.


There is no excuse to be arrogant. It’s in the little things we do every day. Smartness is all about putting up you’re A-game at all time while being humble enough that different strokes should be deployed for all variation of life interactions regardless of the form.

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