Saturday Morning Reflections: Echoes of warped mechanics in personal realities and self

• Warp: To become bent or twisted out of shape, especially out of a straight or flat form.
• Mechanics: The branch of applied mathematics dealing with motion and forces producing motion.
• Personal Realities: Perceptions of physical events based on predisposed bias.

How things are viewed most times is dependent on previously built up bias within a person. This self built internal prejudice moderates the perception of the world around them.

Everyday, it’s one activity or the other. It could be quite overwhelming sometimes but the individual may probably soldier on or get bugged down with their inability to deal with the course of their surroundings or personal life direction.

However, it’s right to note that deep within, the total sum of the individual is made up of the majority of things they consume everyday. This consumption rules the affair of the self whether or not it is aware of it.

Because the person may not even be aware of when it happens, pent up bias filters in and start warping the mechanics of their daily living like their motivations and outward looks of life.

The real development that will eventually make a person into who they are is usually lost if the individual is not observant enough. For every action, there is an equal amount of relative reaction within and outside the person. But, how much of this will the person come to be aware of in their lifetime? We can’t possibly know. But, we do know for sure that whatever is fed the mind manifests in the individual’s personal realities.

Every individual is living in two worlds – the mind world and the physical world that can be felt. But, it seems that both worlds can get filled with the wrong echoes that leads to dereliction of the factual reality. There is a huge correlation since one is neither free of the other.

Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the warped mechanics generated from the billions of human and nonhuman interactions in the universe. Nothing just happens. For if you know this, you may eventually be in charge of both worlds wrought by the warped mechanics to favour one’s personal realities as the person develops and deals with daily living.

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