Europe boils as 70,000 Czech & German citizens protest Russian sanctions (video)

Following Russia’s decision to indefinitely suspend gas flows through the main Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany, an unprecedented new surge in wholesale costs has spread across the West. The new policy from the Kremlin has undoubtedly intensified concerns for supplies across Europe for the coming winter.

State-owned Gazprom scrapped plans to restart pumping limited volumes on Saturday after a maintenance shutdown, blaming a turbine leak.
Russia’s top energy company had previously released a statement saying it would suspend gas flows via Nordstream 1 in order to repair some oil leakage. However, the latest report from Moscow does not bode well for European Union economies who are forced to revert to coal and rationing of gas to shore up against winter.

Reacting to the skyrocketing cost of living and the inadvertent inflation that has ravaged European economies since sanctions were levied against Russia, thousands of protestors gathered in Prague to demand resignation of their Prime Minister and the coalition government.

The massive demonstration in Prague in the Czech Republic is majorly against the government, soaring prices and the energy crisis. Protesters threatened strike and coercive action if government doesn’t resign by September 25.

According to the protesters, they want a leadership that is not pro-West and which will effectively tackle the energy crisis that is creating a hyperinflation. They called for “Czech exit from NATO and EU”, for their government to “start buying gas from Russia” and “no more weapons to Ukraine”. They also called an end to the war in Ukraine.

Watch the video below –

In other news, hundreds of German citizens in Kassel protested the delivery of weapons to Ukraine. Protestors blocked the entrance to the arms factory of the Rheinmetall corporation. The police used batons & tear gas against them.

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