Top Trending News From BBNaija 2022 This Week

Big Brother Naija is a Nigerian reality TV series that is scheduled for three months, in which, contestants dwell in a desolate building, and viewers will vote for their beloved housemates. The house with the lowest vote will be evicted while others will continue in the house. At the end of the show, the contestant with the highest vote will be nominated as the winner and will go with huge cash prizes and materials prizes.

There are a lot of games that have been provided for housemates which render the house not too boring for them. Here is some trending news in the house for this week –

1) Amaka’s Disqualification

The reason for Amaka’s disqualification is that she used the microwave in the kitchen to bake a meat pie and then leave it to meet her colleague in the arena. After some time, there was smoke coming out from the kitchen, the housemates have to rush down to inquire where the smoke was coming from and found out that it was from the microwave.

As a result of this occurrence, Biggie punished Amaka for not monitoring what she was baking which may lead to the destruction of the house, and was disqualified from partaking in that day’s mission. For what she did, some viewers supported Biggie for punishing her, and even all the contestants were punished as well.

2) Bella’s Love For Shaggy

Bella expressed her love for Sheggz, and how she wishes to spend time with him after the show. She further confirmed that if Sheggz is all she got out of the show, then, she is fine. Apparently, she is love struck. Watch out for this ship.

3) Chioma and Eloswag Intimacy

Big Brother Naija Head of House is Chiomzy and his assistant Eloswag were caught in the head of the house lodge taking bath together. The video quickly went viral and has been trending.

4) Brynna Hailed For His Music Performance

Many celebrities, artists, fans, and followers have hailed and have been attracted to him for performing excellently on the song he dropped as a task given to him in the house.

5) Biggie Scolds Bella for Speaking Out For Sheggz

Bella was criticized by Biggie for speaking on behalf of Sheggz who has broken the wall. She told Biggie that he didn’t break the wall intentionally, and she begged Biggie to forgive him, but Biggie was not happy with her for pleading on his behalf.

6. Sheggz Slams Chizzy

Bella and Sheggs making out and kissing

In Sheggz’s words, he said if not for Big Brother Naija, he will not be in the same place as Chizzy because Chizzy disrespected Bella and called her a local dog.

7. Phynna and Sheggz engage In A Fight

The cause of the fight was that Sheggz told Phynna that she will soon leave the house. Phynna confronted and lashes out angrily at him for saying such a thing.

You can have access to the show online and on their channel for better viewing.

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