Putin’s Red Line: US arms supply, Russian SMO, Eurasian SCO, Nuclear War & New world order

The war in Ukraine has taken another dangerous dimension with worst days ahead. The human race is at the precipice of a new world order and Russia is at the centre of this shift in the West led global hegemony.

A few days back, Ukraine finally unleashed it’s long heralded counteroffensive against Russia’s special military operations in the Donbass region (Kherson and Kharkov). According to some reports, they managed to retake at least 2% of the total regions allegedly liberated by Russia.

Although some media outlets are propagating the victory as the second coming, facts on ground show that Ukraine military are becoming desperate, especially as the US led NATO support accorded President Vladimir Zelensky is fast dwindling.

Following the pyrhic victory, Armed Forces of Ukraine has again started shelling civilian settlements, a situation that has now irked Russia. However, according to news briefing from Vladimir Putin after his recent meeting at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), Russia is still focused on its military operations in the region and is watching to see what will come of the said “Ukrainian counteroffensive” after RF withdrew from the affected area.


Joe Biden’s administration is not hiding the fact that they’re actively supplying Ukraine with arms and advanced rocket launch systems. But, in a twist of event, the US government has continued to deny Vladimir Zelensky’s plea for long range launch systems to hit Russia not just in the battlefield but in their home country.

Earlier, Russia has warned that any such supply will amount to crossing a redline and would make US a party to the war. This means that no US military base within range will be safe from Russian Forces and their allies.

• PUTIN’S SMO in Line for an Upgrade?

Following the shelling of a residential block by Ukrainian forces that has caused maximum damage and many casualties, the Kremlin has warned of terrorist tactics being deployed by Ukraine and the consequences.

In Syria and so many other countries, Russia has helped fight and completely obliterate terrorism. This means that should the Kremlin upgrade it’s Special military operations (SMO) to include obliteration of terrorist groups, Ukrainian forces and other targeted areas may be subject to unfathomable consequences which Russia is capable of executing.


The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is a Eurasian political, economic and security organization. In terms of geographic scope and population, it is the world’s largest regional organization, covering approximately 60% of the area of Eurasia, 40% of the world population, and more than 30% of global GDP.

Following Western sanctions on its economy and people, Russia is gaining more friends on the Eurasian block where it is undoubtedly the leader of the pack alongside China and India. The EU’s continued aggressions towards Russia has pushed them further into this block, cementing their status as a Superpower and big brother at a time where the Western governments are deploying all its arsenal to cripple Russia.

What this means is that the rich resources and minerals of Russia are finding new markets, and expectedly, EU blocks that Russian fossil fuels has helped it’s economy stay afloat with cheap gas is witnessing massive inflations and unending skyrocketing cost of living. Although the remaining leaders of the EU block are bent on doubling down their efforts to curtail Russia, their citizens are now trooping out to protest their foreign policies. Most are demanding an end to the war in Ukraine and for their governments to stop antagonising Russia.


Not many European leaders anticipated the calamity they would vest on their economies with their heavy sanctions on Russia. However, since the start of this harsh sanctions against the Kremlin, Boris Johnson has been forced to vacate office, Italian PM has resigned and most EU member states have now resorted to using coal, damning the so called climate change gospel and green energy initiatives.

While the war in Ukraine rages on, the global economy is getting smashed and rearranged at a frightening speed. Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries are currently realigning their loyalties to the Kremlin while most African countries used their soft powers to unilaterally choose not to get involved with European skirmishes.

But, the major game changer for Russia and the new multipolar world order is the seizure of its foreign reserves by the West; a move that has since made the Kremlin move away completely from the dollar hegemony through its gas for ruble scheme. Also, a lot of countries were put on alert as to the capacity of the Western governments and what they can do especially when they don’t get what they want.

The BRICS nation’s, an economic union representing Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa has since gained global prominence with countries like Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and several other countries lining up to join.

In the same period, the Euro’s (€) value  has been shattered and the German economy (the biggest economy of the EU) is on the verge of recession after playing catch with Russian fossil fuels. The US dollar ($) is also losing its global status as more countries diversify their foreign reserves away from it and move to commodity (gold, silver, natural resources, rare earth materials) based economy.


There’s a chance nuclear war may breakout if cool heads don’t prevail. With trigger happy heads on both sides of the divide, the world is left akimbo as nation’s like Nigeria continue to advocate for the implementation of the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. Little remains to be seen of this effort though with Iran on the verge of completing its nuclear warheads and North Korea testing and reminding whoever cares to listen that it now has the capability to obliterate any region of choice in the US or its allies.

On Russia’s end, any reference to nuclear weapons is immediately shown the Kremlin’s doctrine on usage of nuclear weapons and the instances it can be applied.

The US has continued its ping pong in Taiwan and it’s only a matter of time before projectiles probably starts flying through and over the South China sea between two nuclear armed nation’s capable of decimating themselves within seconds.

The world is turning to a wild wild west with inflations hitting every part of the world following the EU and US induced energy crisis. Where do we go from here?

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