About Muurian, Senior Administrator and Editor.


Oha Michael, Esq.

Hello! I am a Legal Practitioner and a Certified Music Producer. But when I am not lawyering or producing sweet melodies, you will definitely find me here sharing all the best authentic information about daily living, our planet, human interactions, etc.

The desire for writing grew mostly from my secondary school days.
My interest in writing grew more when I started writing free works online, including gigs for blogs and websites. Since then, i have undergone a series of writing journeys, including write for Opera News.

I am the Administrator and Senior Editor at Uptownerd Publications, a new age alternative and independent online blog. My subject areas include features and articles on Perspectives, Science and Technology, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Satire and Consciousness.

I am the author of Muur Chronicles, an original epic sci-fi thriller set in Africa. I write in genre’s like Sci-fi, Romance, Action, Adventures and Fantasy stories.

Muurian is also the founder of Fiction Writers Group (FWG), a society of new age writers with the sole aim of promoting modern literature in Nigeria while closing the reading gap in contemporary African societies through Jollofreads.